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Τίποτα δεν πέφτει κάτω

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Sep 11 13 1:07 AM

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FEMEN International
Witch hunt 2013 by The Notre Dame Accidentally or not, On Friday 13th of September 2013 at 13.30 p.m. FEMEN activists will be judged by catholicism in the best traditions of inquisition. Modern witches of FEMEN will be taken to the trial being accused for "degradation of a belonging staying in within a religious place" by Notre Dame Cathedral. On the day when the biggest homophobe Pope quits his holy chair, FEMEN did a topless demonstration in support of legalization of gay marriage in France. The topless blasphemy took place in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris 12th of February 2013. The celebrating ringing the bells inside the cathedral made by perverted virgins of FEMEN, irritated lords of Notre Dame so much that they decided to use a tactic of Torquemada against FEMEN. This way, 9 FEMEN activists will face a judge, being accused of damaging the belongings of Notre Dame by the Article 322-3-1, that brings activists up to 10 years of jail and 150 000€ fee. FEMEN notice that this trial is nothing else then a try of the church to punish the activists for blasphemy. Notre Dame is organizing a public mock trial against FEMEN to remind the world about untouchability of the church. In the answer to that, FEMEN says that topless witches will continue to fly around and to attack religious places until the church is attacking private houses and public areas with their wild morals. We will continue to use our right for blasphemy to crash religious oppressive influence on free society. Dear witch-hunters of Notre Dame, Monseigneur Jacquin, FEMEN will face you at the trial, but our brooms will bring us to your holy place again. See you soon! Amen!

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